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Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves


Multi Award winning Motorcycle gloves that have Exo skeletal flexible spines that cover the knuckles, fingers and thumb and give full unrestricted movement. These link to a comfortable gel lined Metapod that covers the back of the hand. Knox patented SPS – Scaphoid Protection System on the palm to eliminate the grab effect. Boa Closure system for a dialled in precision fit.  Voted Innovation of the Year.


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2014 Version now available – Fully CE Approved

Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves are the Pinnacle of the collection, race inspired hand armour, Multi Award winning and Voted Innovation of the Year 2011 by the British motorcycling press.

The Handroid Motorcycle gloves have Exo skeletal flexible spines that cover the knuckles, fingers and thumb to give full unrestricted movement.

These link to a comfortable gel lined Metapod that covers the metacarpals and offers added protection to the back of the hand.

On the palm the NEW Dual Compound tried and tested Scaphoid Protection System is enhanced by additional sliding systems on all sides which ensure that in the event of an accident the majority of contact with the ground are sliders and not leather. An additional inner cuff slider works to support and enhance the SPS sliding effect. Super strong and tear resistant Kangaroo leather covers the inside palm and fingers.

The Handroid carries the most technical Knox Boa lacing system that allows precision adjustment around the whole cuff. The wrist system acts as an external brace and tightens equally from all sides.  All you have to do is dial in the right torque for you. To release simply pull the dial. Putting gloves on and off has never been smarter or easier.


  • Knox Handroid Motorcycle gloves have flexible exoskeleton finger and knuckle protection on all fingers and thumb.
  • Knox metapod protector
  • The Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves feature a NEW Dual Compound Sport Scaphoid protection system (Patent No EP1594378)
  • Knox wrist slider
  • Knox cuff slider
  • “Dialled in” Boa closure system
  • Kangaroo leather palm ensure the Handroid Motorcycle Gloves are soft but tough.
  • Amara grip pad with silicon print for improved control
  • Japanese race quality drum dyed Aniline leather
  • Japanese polyester high tenacity thread
  • Superior fit and comfort
  • Sizes XS – XXL (3XL available in Black/White option)
  • 5 Colours, ALL Black, Black/White, White, Red, Blue

Comfort is incredibly important in a glove so please take a look at the size guide to ensure that you get the correct size for optimal performance.

INCHES 7 8 9 10 11 12
MM 175 200 230 255 280 305



5.00 out of 5

25 reviews for Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves

  1. 5 out of 5

    These are the gloves everybody asks about the most, and just one look at them tells you why. Be assured, this kind of thing is the future and not just for gloves. Plenty of manufacturers are looking at this technology and many have been playing with it already. Knox beat them all to the post, though. Beautifully built and hardy for track gloves they’re not even the most expensive here. Plus the wrist closure system is utter genius, unlike Velcro it should never get tired and it also locks to your wrist in a way that makes you feel secure. Knox has used nothing but the best, so for a first effort, they’re frankly incredible. They’re that good that racers have been asking to wear them without expecting pay. That alone should tell you what you need to know about the Handroid.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I landed front first onto my hands and chest and slid for a good 150 yards on asphalt, before rolling in the gravel. Amazingly, the gloves were still very much intact and could quite easily be used again. The innovative scaphoid protector did its job perfectly and saved my hands from any damage

  3. 5 out of 5

    I’m using Knox Handroids at the moment and they’re really clever. I was testing them at the Ulster Grand Prix in 2010 when Dan Kneen stopped suddenly right in front of me when he accidentally hit the kill switch coming out of the hairpin. I ran into the back of him and was thrown over the top of the bike and landed hands first. The Handroids have palm sliders on them so instead of your gloves gripping the tarmac and sending your body over the top – which is when you break your scaphoids – they slide down the road. I was very sceptical initially but they actually worked perfectly. As racers, we help to develop kit for road riders and good manufacturers listen to you

  4. 5 out of 5

    I wear Handroids for street and for racing too, but crashed on the street taking a high-side after bad road conditions at 120 km/h. Couldn’t hold rear wheel, it woooobbbled and in next moment the bike strayed across on road, ejected me and my wife and in next second we are in the air. My wife also has Handroid gloves, short type (Pod). She also has no injury, took only small bruises on index finder under a nail. Gloves are still in good condition, no tears or cracks. I also replaced all stock armor in jacket and pant’s to KNOX!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Let me start off by saying you guys rock. About a year and a half ago I bought myself a pair Know Handroids because I kept hearing good things about them. I picked up a pair and loved riding in them. They felt great, looked great, and I hoped they would protect me as well as they looked.
    Last week they got put to the test. I went down going around a turn at about 105mph. I low sided because of some gravel, slid across the road, across the gravel, and flew into a ditch which then turned into a corn field. And my hands came out perfectly! Without even a scratch, bruise, burn etc. I did mess up my left knee, my back and my left thigh since they weren’t covered by something that Knox makes! Way to make one damn amazing product. Thanks again.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I felt that I should write to you regarding the great customer service that I have just received from yourselves. I bought a pair of Handroids about 18 months ago, and have worn them for approx 15000 miles. The gloves have been great, I find them very comfortable, and glad to say that I haven’t had to try the protection out (although I am certain that it would do what it is supposed to do). Its Fantastic to see that there are still Great British companies that pride themselves with looking after their customers rather than making a fast buck. Thanks for the great products and service.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I bought the Knox Handroids almost immediately after they were officially released. After 2 years of wear and tear of almost daily commuting, I thought you guys may appreciate some feedback.

    First off, I’m very happy with these gloves. Luckily I’ve never crashed in them, but I’ve seen how well they protect other crashes. My hands are essential to how I make my living, so I decided to spend top dollar protecting them. The Handroids are very comfortable, they fit perfectly and allow full range of movement and most importantly I feel safer in these gloves than I’ve ever felt wearing any other.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Hi, I was racing in the Knockhill Race club preinjection 600 race series when I, unfortunately highsided out of the race at approximately 120mph on the back straight. I was wearing Knox handroid gloves, a knox aegis back protector with Knox chest protector, and knox padded impact shorts. I am happy to report that although knocked out cold…. I had no upper or lower torso damage, due no doubt to the excellent protective qualities of the knox body armour. I am also pleased to report that I sustained no hand/digit damage thanks to the handroid gloves. It is remarkable that despite the speed and ferocity of the accident I emerged relatively unscathed thanks to my knox protection! I’ll be purchasing a new knox back protector and shorts, as I was cut out of these at the trackside, and I wont be going racing ( or when I ride on the road) without Knox protection!.

  9. 5 out of 5

    I’d like to thank Knox for saving my hands, I attended a track-day at Oulton Park in Cheshire and needless to say I had a big spill off the bike but to my pleasure, the Knox Handroids saved my hands and wrists so thank you very much and your company for a product that works.

  10. 5 out of 5

    I’d like to note my gratitude to Knox for the excellent Handroid gloves I use.
    First of all they are the most comfortable gloves I’ve ever worn, and their “feedback” is excellent, and secondly, they do “exactly what it says on the tin!!”. I crashed at the end on the main straight at Knockhill while travelling at some considerable speed and continued bikeless in close proximity to tarmac and gravel for quite a distance……! On examination of myself on coming to a stop, I was gratified to note that although I had taken several hits to my Handroid gloves, there was no damage to my hands or wrists. I am also grateful to record that the aftersales service is top notch. Orra best!!! Gerry Sullivan

  11. 5 out of 5

    May i take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the handroid gloves, fantastic product! unfortunately this appreciation stems from crashing a zx6r race bike; thanks to the handroids i have no hand or wrist injuries, and the handroids had only minimal damage.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Well what can I say about my Knox protection? As always before the ride on went the trusty back protector and my Handroid gloves! Off we go around Leicestershires roads on a Sunday morning for a blast with the boys until on the way back a notorious hairpin catches me napping for just a second and I’m picking myself out of the ditch after a 20mph off, the kit performed faultlessly and I was at work within the hour with no injuries just a dented wallet due to a smashed nosecone!
    Keep up the good work Knox! And remember everyone WEAR the kit one day it could just save your life!

  13. 5 out of 5

    After seeing a good friend and close rival crash at croft and suffer serious hand injuries i decided to invest in some quality race gloves. After studying the market I decided on the very impressive knox handroids. During the next race meeting at cadwell park on the 2nd may shortly after taking the lead i had a big off at the gooseneck travelling around 100mph which destroyed my bike snapping the frame in half. After bowling over four or five times i came to a halt. My new knox handroids and knox back protector had done their job brilliantly and to everyones amazement i got up and walked away with out a mark on me. Big thanks to knox for another great product and i wont be racing with out my handroids on!! Thanks again.

  14. 5 out of 5

    OMG they arrived this morning…..How you guys sell these for £160 a pair and not each I don’t know. Your designers took input from real bikers, and I’m sure medical experts. Little touches like the wrist strap protection under the palm flap, the rivet/tab to help pull the glove on, to the fitting wheel “pull” quick release. I’m at my desk and I still have the gloves on, these gloves are awesome! These are not just cool looking gloves these are seriously engineered protection and should have a little union jack somewhere to show the world. Just discovered the #1 on the index finger pad, so when I raise this finger to recognise another biker or person in the street they get the No. 1 message.

  15. 5 out of 5

    “I’m so pleased with my new Knox protective gear. The Biomech and Handroid gloves are so good that I don’t know which one to choose to have as my gloves this season! With Knox I have the confidence I need to go out and race.”

  16. 5 out of 5

    My Handroid gloves are really comfortable and have the best protection I have seen. The push & twist tightening system is fast & effective.

  17. 5 out of 5

    p.s. broke the aerofoils during crash, gloves helped save hands from injuries that I had in alpinestars gp tech 2 years ago. Five weeks without the use of my thumb on right hand – I don’t want to live through that again. I took only bruises this time – thank Handroids for saving my thumb.

  18. 5 out of 5

    Hi, having just replaced my handroid’s for the zero’s now it’s getting colder was just wondering if there was any ‘looking after’ needed other than being zipped in a bag and put in the cupboard till warmer weather for the handroids?? just worried about the leather staying nice as they have been wet a few times and don’t want to ruin them- It has taken me 3 set’s of gloves in 18 month’s to realise i should have got them in the first place, first impressions and all that- awesome awesome gloves which is why i went for the zero’s.think i have found a product/company that i trust and will use as and when is needed.
    p.s. I recently also purchased a triumph cobra leather jacket and was pleasently suprised that it was fitted with knox armour,

  19. 5 out of 5

    I would like to sincerely thank you for making a premium product. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for a new pair of riding gloves. I tried on many different pairs of gloves, valuing anywhere from $100.00 to $400.00 (U.S) at a local shop here in Michigan (Sportbike Track Gear). At the recommendation of the STG employee, Alf, I tried on a pair of large Knox Handroid gloves. These gloves fit me better than any other gloves that I tried on that afternoon. I really like the Boa Lacing System for the wrist, pure genius, and the look of the glove is also very striking and unique. So, a couple of days later I bought a pair of large Handroids.
    Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to test the protective capability of my new gloves on my very first ride with them. On 9/22, two friends and I went out for a ride. On the way back home from the ride I had a mishap and went down. Luckily for me, all of the protective gear that I was wearing functioned exactly the way they are supposed to. My boots got pretty banged up, my jacket was basically torn apart, and my brand new Hadroids were mangled, especially my left glove. I only suffered some minor bumps and bruises, my left knee took the brunt of it, but my hands are absolutely fine. I know for a fact that I landed on my hands and slid. I also know that were it not for your top quality gloves protecting my hands so well, I would not be typing this letter now. I am still in complete disbelief that my hands were not injured in some way.

    Again, I would like to thank you for making a superior product! I can attest to anybody about the quality and protective capacity of the Knox Handroid. You now have an extremely satisfied, lifelong customer!

  20. 5 out of 5

    Hi, About 2 weeks ago I bought a pair of your Handroid gloves. Yesterday I had an off and was impressed by how the stood up, the only damage to the gloves was one of the plastic parts that covers the knuckle. I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a replacement part.

  21. 5 out of 5

    Dear everyone.
    Just a quick e mail to thank you for providing the Knox protective clothing for James. It was an horrific impact at Thruxton , and apart from his leg injury and his back and hands are fine.
    I am sure the protectors must save many many lives. He said the gloves were amazing and he didn’t have a scratch on him there either
    Thanks again
    Janis Ellison (mum)

  22. 5 out of 5

    On Aug 18th I was riding my Suzuki Hayabusa on the A13 in Essex when I was in collision with a London Taxi, I was catapulted into the side of the taxi due to heavy braking which caused the bike to throw me over the handlebars. I hit the Taxi doing approx 50mph, I remember the first body part to impact was my hands which I put out to protect myself, they were in turn ‘crushed’ against the car by my body, I weighed approx 95kg. I went for the Handroids as I like the BOA system and how it protects my wrists, as I have pins in my left wrist from a previous accident.
    My Injuries were:
    Broken femur 2 places
    Broken Sternum
    Broken Clavicle
    Punctured lungs
    Split Liver
    Bruised heart

    I was in a coma for almost 1 month and considered a fatal accident by the police investigating until 1 week after I came out of the coma. My hands and wrists had no injury at all, I slid down the road and the scaphoid ‘savers’ did their job very well. I fully believe these gloves have saved me from very serious injury and cannot compliment Knox enough on this fantastic product.

  23. 5 out of 5

    I’ve just gotten the gloves in the post, my boyfriend is going to love them. Thanks for the fast response and the super fast delivery, I’m really impressed.

  24. 5 out of 5

    i just thought id share my experience with you guys. Last weekend my self and 11 mates took off for a 4 day blast through the Victorian high country. Winding over some of the planets best roads (search Jindabyne to Khancoban on google maps), everything from 200kph plus blasts to 1st gear full lock corners. We travelled 1800klms, went thru countless tanks of fuel and all in my pair of Knox Handroids. Seriously awesome glove. thanks again. Best gloves I’ve had.

  25. 5 out of 5

    I’ve had a set of Handroids for a few years now and they’ve been brilliant. Unfortunately I got to test their protective qualities on the weekend when I crashed out of a race at approximately 80km/h.

    Everything worked as it should, palm sliders took a beating but the gloves are still usable. I walked away without any hand injury whatsoever.

    I’ll be buying another shiny new set so the scuffed up set can be spares.

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